18 Jan / 2017

How to Install a Car Stereo ?

Once you’ve found and bought the right car stereo, the inevitable question arises: how is this going to be installed in my car? This is an article for those who are interested in installing it themselves or those who need to know the basics before getting it installed.

Steps Before Replacement

Disconnect the negative terminal of your battery using a socket so that there is no chance of sparks or flames while you take the next steps.

Disconnecting the Factory Car Stereo

Disconnecting the old car stereo and installing the new one are processes that should be done in this order. The steps in disconnecting the old car stereo are as follows:

Pry out the dash trim

While carefully prying it out using a screwdriver or a trim panel tool, remember not to pull on it too forcefully as it may be connected to wires.

Remove the factory stereo

Just unscrew the car stereo and gently take it out of the dashboard. Disconnect any wires connected to it; the wires you may find are an antenna connection and one or two harnesses.

Installing the New Car Stereo

Once the factory stereo is out, just retrace the steps taken to install the new car stereo with a few extra steps:

Connect wires to the harness–The need may arise to connect the wires of the harness of the vehicle and car stereo. Also, connect any extra wires that came with the car stereo, which is easy. You only need to connect wires of similar colors.

Ready the installation kit (optional)–If the car stereo has an installation kit that holds it, connect it to the radio with the screws or holders that came along with it. Read the user manual of the car stereo for better understanding, if need be.

Find the places for wiring extra accessories–This might be a little tricky, but if the car stereo has a lot of additional features and accessories, hide the wires under the dash and connect them to the stereo for convenient usage.

Install the new car stereo into the dash–Connect the harness and antenna cable in, and use the factory screws to hold the new car stereo on the dashboard. Then put the dash trim back in place.


With all that done, reconnect the battery and test your new car stereo!

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